August Reading for September Teaching

I am just beginning to read Book One of The Multigrade Classroom: A Resource for Small, Rural Schools. There are seven handbooks in this series; Book One is a review of the research on multigrade instruction. If you’d like to read along with me, the handbooks are available through my symbaloo (click on the tile Multigrade Handbooks) or here. As I read, I will be posting my thoughts and questions about the material…

These handbooks were updated in 1999, and are based on the 1989 publication by B.A. Miller (Northwest Regional Educational Library). At the time, Dr. Miller conducted a comprehensive review of multigrade research, and collaborated with successful multigrade teachers to refine the handbooks. I am curious as to how current the information in these handbooks will be as I read through them; from what I have read so far, I am impressed by how applicable, practical – and relevant – the writing remains. And looking to the future, I have high hopes for how easily the BC Ed Plan will dovetail with what is already happening in many multigrade classrooms!

The authors describe the handbooks as “a research-based resource guide for the multigrade teacher”.


About Heather Johnson

Mutligrade teacher in BC, Canada. Am currently in a Masters program in Curriculum & Instruction through UVIC. Wife, mom, fair weather gardener, foul-weather knitter, ponder-er and pray-er, new to technology, but through it, am discovering a new way to learn and express myself.
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