Multigrade-Friendly Format: K-7 Language Arts Learning Outcomes

In 2007 I created a multigrade-friendly format of the BC Language Arts curricula (Kindergarten to Grade 7). As a multigrade teacher, I felt I needed a resource that allowed me to see, at a glance, the expected development of individual skills and concepts from grade to grade. The document provides an overview of each learning outcome in the BC Language Arts curricula, and how it develops over a range of grades.

You can access this document here.

Please spread the word! Many multigrade teachers from around our province have told me how much they appreciate this document. I hope you will find it beneficial, as well.


About Heather Johnson

Mutligrade teacher in BC, Canada. Am currently in a Masters program in Curriculum & Instruction through UVIC. Wife, mom, fair weather gardener, foul-weather knitter, ponder-er and pray-er, new to technology, but through it, am discovering a new way to learn and express myself.
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