My 19th Year as a First Year Teacher

Every year, as September approaches, I feel like a first year teacher all over again; the task before me is suddenly daunting and overwhelming…

Part of my teacher-anxiety this year is that I will not know my new assignment until the week before school begins. I will, however (and thankfully) remain in the same three-room school. The not-knowing means I’ve only semi-prepared myself – and prepared nothing for my students – not knowing whether I will be the Kindergarten to Grade 2 teacher or the Grade 3 to 5 teacher, in addition to a possible block with the Grade 6-9 students (my former assignment, and joy of my heart!).

Uncertainty is familiar territory in teaching, as it is in most of life’s important commitments (marriage, parenthood…) Now is a good time to take a deep breath, to be still, and to focus on my teacher’s heart, rather than my fears. To remember to trust. To reach out to others for help and with help. To be mindful of and thankful for the children who will be placed in my professional care. To acknowledge the trust of their parents. And to appreciate the support of my teaching colleagues, near and far (and of my non-teaching family & friends, as well!)

Yes, I’m nervous, but I’m also excited. And most likely, my students are feeling the same.


About Heather Johnson

Mutligrade teacher in BC, Canada. Am currently in a Masters program in Curriculum & Instruction through UVIC. Wife, mom, fair weather gardener, foul-weather knitter, ponder-er and pray-er, new to technology, but through it, am discovering a new way to learn and express myself.
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2 Responses to My 19th Year as a First Year Teacher

  1. harveychute says:

    You have a wonderful teaching heart, and what you wrote applies well to so much in our lives. Thanks for the wisdom.


  2. And thanks for your example, Harvey, of living each day well, despite what is known and unknown…leaving the details to capable hands, and recognizing what our role is, and what it is not. Thanks for the peace.


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