Dear new teacher me.

Thank you to Carolyn Durley – just the balm – and courage – I needed!

A Fine Balance

looking back

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Dear new teacher me,

You started teaching with a vision; protect and nurture your vision as your first-born.

Teach from your heart, even when it hurts, even when you get hurt.

Bend with the winds but continue to grow. If you lose a few branches in the storms, know you will re-grow new ones.

Try to not let friendships, popularity, or group dynamics cloud your professional judgement. But accept if they do. Move forward from there.

Accept the off days, weeks, months or even years. Know it as part of a healthy cycle.

Know that it is OK to step away from your career for family, children, illness, or relationships. You will come back and find your stride.

Make ‘bubble bath’ reflection time part of each day. And then put the day away.

Accept your practice as not perfect and will never be such…

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About Heather Johnson

Mutligrade teacher in BC, Canada. Am currently in a Masters program in Curriculum & Instruction through UVIC. Wife, mom, fair weather gardener, foul-weather knitter, ponder-er and pray-er, new to technology, but through it, am discovering a new way to learn and express myself.
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  1. Erika says:

    Thanks for posting and sharing this Heather. 🙂


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