Language Arts (2006) K-7

British Columbia

K-7 Language Arts (2006)

Learning Outcomes: Multigrade Format

Prepared by Heather J. Johnson 

On behalf of the BC Rural & Small Schools Teachers’ Association

The purpose of this document is to provide multigrade teachers in BC with a more manageable format of Learning Outcomes across the elementary school grades.  This format provides a teacher of any constellation of grades quick access to all grade-level expectations for each learning outcome.   Such a format illustrates the expected growth in learning from Kindergarten to Grade 7, and can be used when planning instruction, but also as an informal diagnostic tool to determine skill levels that have been mastered, and those that require further instruction and practice (despite the child’s assigned grade level).

There are a total of 35 different Learning Outcomes in the Language Arts Curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade Seven. For the most part, only a small increase in skill, along with a slight shift in the application or purpose of each skill, is expected at each grade level.  Because all children will benefit from instruction and practice in the same skills, whole-class instruction followed by open-ended (easily adapted) assignments and activities are an effective and efficient way to address the major part of this curriculum in a multigrade classroom.

The 48-page document can be accessed by clicking on the link:  LA(2006) Multigrade Format


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